America could legalize drugs in 2012 with Ron Paul at the helm

The United States is facing another election, will we be lied to again, will the world be lied to? Before President Obama was voted in, he promised millions of American's that he was for the legalization of marijuana and to stop the drug war, but it never happened. Each time he was asked about legalization The White House would either change topic or just laugh it off. Obama used to boast on how when he was younger he used to smoke pot all the time that's why he was in for decriminalization, this is also why a lot of youth went out and voted for him, we were all hoping for a change, but sadly we were lied to and change never came. Each year over 800,000 people, who are mostly young, are sent to prison for possession of marijuana, that's billions of dollars of America's tax payers money spent to hold people who really shouldn't be arrested in the first place, so ask yourself who your going to vote for in 2012.

Ron Paul ,a presidential candidate, just might be our hope for change. Recently Ron has introduced  legalization bills and if that was not enough he is now the front runner in most polls to win the GOP nomination. 2012 just might be our year for change, if Ron Paul gets voted in we will be able to use marijuana as we please without the risk of going to jail. But like millions of people are asking is he for real or will he lie to us like Barack Obama did? But luckily Ron Paul is the only candidate to never flip flop and holds true to his word seemingly through out is whole career.

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Marijuana more potent then ever

Believe it or not marijuana potency has increased since the 60's and for many of us thats a good thing, who wouldnt want weed that would get you higher then anything else. Growers these days are using a lot of different methods and chemicals to get the highest quality plants with as much potency as possible. In 1970 researchers conducted a test to see how much potency marijuana had. The highest percentage was marked at 3%, today with the new chemicals and other techniques growers have got their percentages up to an astounding 32%, with every passing year the percentage gets a little bit higher and higher.

Many people think that when the potency of marijuana starts to rise that the danger of smoking it also rises, well their wrong! There is absolutely no way you could ever overdose from marijuana unless somehow you manage to consume like 3 times you body weight, which by the time you even got close to just half your body weight you probably would be passed out. With potency increased people tend to smoke a lot less now then if you had less potent weed. Regardless of how much you smoke, marijuana today has all the same side effects and "health issues" as back in the 1970's.  So don't worry if you smoke way too much of the potent stuff you, your not going to die or anything, you will probably just experience some minor lung irritation.

2011 Cannabis Cup 1st 2nd 3rd place winners

Dec,14,2011 - As many of you might of heard the 24th annual High Times Cannabis Cup Awards has come and gone once again. As usual it took place in the Netherlands, Amsterdam on November 20th-24th. This year Derry Goldsberry, one of the nations most known marijuana activists, has won the Freedom Fighter Of The Year Award and Henk van Dalen has won The Dutch Master Award. If you haven't already read the results of the 2011 Cannabis Cup Winners then you can read them now. 

                         1st Place Winners    

Cannabis Cup                      Barneys Coffeeshop                                     Liberty Haze

Indica Cup                           Reserva Privada                                         Kosher Kush 

Sativa Cup                           Rare Dankness Seed co                              Moonshine Haze

Hybrid Cup                         DNA Genetics/Reserva Privada                          Holy Grail Kush

Seed co Hash Cup               Cali Connection                                               Tahoe OG Kush Wax

Import Hash Cup                Green house Coffeeshop                            Exodus Cream Cheese

Dutch Hash Cup                 Barneys Coffeeshop                                           Liberty Melt 

             2nd Place Winners  

Cannabis Cup                       Green House United                                      Hawaiian Snow

Indica Cup                            Hortilab                                                        Star Bud

Sativa Cup                            THSeeds                                                       Electric Lemon G

Hybrid Cup                          Cali Connection                                             Dead Head OG

Seed co Hash Cup                Hogg Seeds                                                     Hyrdahash

Import Hash Cup                 Barneys Coffeeshop                                       Carmella Cream

Dutch Hash Cup                  Green House                                                      Hawaiian Ice

            3rd Place Winners 

Cannabis Cup                   The Green Place                                            Buddha Tahoe  

Indica Cup                         Cali Connection                                                 Tahoe OG     

Sativa Cup                         Karma Genetics                                            Dominator

Hybrid Cup                         Serious Seeds                                               AK-47

Seed co Hash Cup               Reserva Privada                                          Rascal OG Nelson

Import Hash Cup                The Green Place                                          Twizla

Dutch Hash Cup                      Grey Area                                                    Grey Cristal

Eating Marijuana

Consuming weed via your mouth will get you high! Numerous story's have been floating around where one cannot smoke their bud, cannot vaporize their herb and since the bottom line is, one cannot make any smells relating to cannabis, they eat it raw. The truth is yes it will get you high but a massive quantity would be needed to compare to any other option. There is a big difference to cooking with marijuana and then eating it vs eating your bud raw and this is because although both are entering your system only heat will activate the THC to it's full potential. Let's forget the fact that chewing and eating any weed not just marijuana wouldn't probably taste good, that's hitting the barrel pretty low and desperation is never a good thing. So basically for information's sake, could you do this? the simple answer is yes, but it is not recommended.

hurricane water pipe

If you have not heard of a hurricane water pipe, prepare for a crash course. Another big player in the bong world they are slowly becoming a common name in the industry. With their unique design and high end glass they are some of the best bongs in the world. Reasonably priced Hurricane water pipes should be added as an edition to any bong collector or bong lover alike trophy case. This king of water pipes incorporate tiny holes perfectly positioned to allow a vortex of air to gain momentum thus filtering out tar and leaving only the THC left to enjoy. This Hurricane bongs improve the overall smoking experience and taste of your favorite herb.

Hurricane waterpipe frosted mini
Hurricane frosted mini waterpipe
Featuring high end Pyrex glass and it's unique design this mini Hurricane won't let you down. Also this model has a glass loop so it can be hanged up or carried around using a attachment.

Hurricane golden widow

Hurricane golden widow water pipe
This Hurricane waterpipe is a work of art at the least. Using borosilicate glass and a anti breaking system you can rest knowing it will last longer then you will. Has 3 jets to aid the the creation of a vortex.

Hurricane flying dragon waterpipe
Model 1000 Hurricane flying dragon
The revolutionary filtration system by Hurricane bongs are the best in the world. Unbelievable engraving and the best glass anywhere these types will never go out of style. This is the largest Hurricane clear range model. 14.5mm glass on glass connection.

Bong bags
Hurricane bong bag
Why risk damaging your hurricane? Pick up a cheap bong bag to insure your hurricane outlives you.

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